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Page Images Photographer
HOME Douglas fir stand Gareth Buchanan
Loading timber Stephen Meyen
Tractor Michael Keane
Red squirrel Alan Edwards
Foxgloves Albert Bridge
Autumn colours Albert Bridge
Mountain biking Coillte
Stone circle R. Mudhar
Stream Martin Bodman
Woodland path Albert Bridge
Sitka spruce cones Walter Baxter
Board mill line Coillte
Bluebells Lamiot
Autumn leaves Alistair Pfeifer
Field day Stephen Meyen
FORESTS AND WOODLANDS Masthead – Autumn colours Albert Bridge
Trees Masthead – Larch bole Danny Steaven
Tree species Masthead – Maple leaves Albert Bridge
Veteran oak Alistair Pfeifer
Sitka spruce cones Walter Baxter
Diversity of species Masthead – Scots pine and beech stand Albert Bridge
Species diversity Michael Keane
Grant-aided species Masthead – Acorns Albert Bridge
Silviculture of species Masthead – Sitka spruce stand MPF
Forests of Ireland Masthead – Scots pine stand Alistair Pfeifer
Upland forest Kevin Higgins
Forestry and farmland Michael Keane
St Gobnet’s Wood John Cross
Amenity woodland Alistair Pfeifer
Urban forest Albert Bridge
History of Irish Forestry Masthead – Cadzow Forest No details
Reference literature Masthead – Wooded landscape Meindert Hobbema
Wood through the ages Masthead – Clanad Basket William Wild 1849
Hunter-gatherer camp David Hawgood
Neolithic sickle Wolfgang Sauber
Bronze Age axe Notafly
Viking boat Ardfern
Trim Castle Andrew Parnell
Forestry since Tudor times Masthead – Foret de Fontainbleau Carl Bodmer 1850
Forestry Statistics Graph No details
GROWING FORESTS Masthead – Beech woodland Albert Bridge
Forest planning Masthead – Computer IFER(Jilove)
Silvicultural systems Masthead – Sitka spruce CCF Alistair Pfeifer
Clearfelled site Alistair Pfeifer
Establishing forests Larch contanerised seedlings Michael Keane
Reproductive material Sitka spruce cones Walter Baxter
Seed origin Masthead – Pine cones Frederick Bohringer
Birch seed orchard Stephen Meyen
Sitka spruce cuttings David Thompson
Tree improvement Masthead – Pollination bag David Thompson
Oak provenance differences David Thompson
Ash clone bank David Thompson
Genetic resources Masthead – Ash keys Albert Bridge
Planting stock Masthead – Sitka spruce cuttings David Thompson
Precision sowing David Thompson
Larch seedlings Michael Keane
RPG Conor O’Reilly
Cultivation and drainage Masthead – Mounding machine Michael Keane
Mounding Stephen Meyen
Planting Masthead – young conifer plantation David Thompson
Co-extruded bags Colin Kinnear
Widely spaced Sitka spruce Alistair Pfeifer
Natural regeneration of Sitka spruce Alistair Pfeifer
Vegetation control Masthead – Vegetation control Stephen Meyen
Fertilising Masthead – Fertiliser bags SeppVei
Nutrient deficiency Dermot Tiernan
Helicopter Dermot Tiernan
Fencing Masthead – Deer fencing Alistair Pfeifer
Stockproof fencing Walter Baxter
Tree shelters Alistair Pfeifer
Maintenance Masthead – Young Douglas fir stand Stephen Meyen
Tending Masthead -Pruning Stephen Meyen
Thinning Masthead – Extraction Stephen Meyen
Thinning oak stand Alistair Pfeifer
Firewood from broadleaved thinnings Feci1024
Inventory Masthead – Inventory field equipment Claudiusm
Harvesting Masthead –  Timber harvester Richard Webb
Timber harvester Rob Woodall
Operating a chainsaw Mikkel52
Forwarder Coillte
Horse extraction Bob Abell
Threats to forests Masthead – Windthrow Alistair Pfeifer
Windthrow Masthead – Windthrow Alistair Pfeifer
Shatter Alistair Pfeifer
Fire Masthead – Burned plantation Alistair Pfeifer
Heather burning Paul Adams
Frosts Masthead – Spring frost damage Bob Hartzler
Insect pests Masthead – Pine sawfly Taawet
Large pine weevil Danny Steaven
Pine shoot moth
Pine beauty moth Olaf Leillinger
Pine sawfly Taawet
Diseases Masthead – Fomes annosus Jim Lindsey
Animal damage Masthead – Red stag Frederick Bohringer
Grey squirrel Albert Bridge
Invasive species Masthead – Rhododendron Ryan Somma
Rhododendron invading native woods Alistair Pfeifer
Cherry laurel H Zell
Sika deer Donald Macauley
Muntjac deer LHG Creative Photography
Grey squirrel Albert Bridge
Climate change Masthead melting arctic ice NASA
Instrumentation Alistair Pfeifer
Sustainability Masthead – Fern Albert Bridge
Grant schemes Masthead – Broadleaf plantation P Flannagan
Forest economics Masthead – Economics perfect competition Wikimedia
WOOD INDUSTRIES Masthead – Log yard No details
Sawmills Masthead – Sitka spruce planks Donal Magner
Panel-product mills Masthead – Processing line Coillte
Wood Energy Masthead – Wood pellets No details
Wood promotion and Education Masthead – Bergen 2006 Night Paol Hoff
Forest of Light Donal Magner
SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Masthead – Bluebells Lamiot
Recreation Masthead – Walking in the woods Donal Magner
Mountain biking Coillte
Forest sign William Murphy
Lake in woods Linda Bailey
Cultural Heritage Ruined cottage – mast head Alistair Pfeifer
Archaeology Masthead – Bronze Age wedge tomb Joe King
Built heritage Masthead – Ruined cottage Alistair Pfeifer
Old field wall Alistair Pfeifer
Cultural features Masthead – Holy well Kenneth Allen
Mass rock, Tulla, Co. Clare No details
Literature of trees and forests Masthead – Newtown Mt Kennedy painting William Ashford
Trees and Folklore Masthead – Hawthron in flower Alistair Pfeifer
Trees in Irish place names Masthead – Holly berries Alistair Pfeifer
Glencullen road sign Alistair Pfeifer
Ogham Masthead – Ogham stone David Hawgood
Brehon laws Masthead – Old Irish text No name
Crab apple Albert Bridge
Sacred and magical trees Masthead – Hawthron in flower Alistair Pfeifer
Veteran oak Alistair Pfeifer
Hazel catkins Danny Steaven
Rowan berries Albert Bridge
Hawthorn in flower Alistair Pfeifer
Elder bush Willow
Heritage trees Masthead – Veteran oak Alistair Pfeifer
Wood in the Arts Masthead – Sleeping warrior David Barrie
Wood in music Masthead – Violin Patfranca
Bodhran No name
Uilleann pipes Bedwyr
Harp and bodhran Frederick S Olesen
Wood in sculpture and artistry Masthead – Owl sculpture Sarah777
Family figures Daniel Schwen
Biodiversity Masthead – Wood anemone Albert Bridge
Biodiversity in Irish forests Masthead – Fly agaric Frederick Bohringer
Plantations Masthead – Young Douglas fir stand Stephen Meyen
Native woodlands Masthead – Charleville John Cross
St. Gobnet’s Wood John Cross
Drain blocking Alistair Pfeifer
Old woodland sites Native woodland vegetation Alistair Pfeifer
Protected species and habitats Masthead – Otter Peter Trimming
Protecting and enhancing biodiversity Masthead – Red squirrel Coillte
Research Masthead – Clouded border moth Mark Wilson
Hen harrier Richard Mills
Reports and conferences Masthead – Polypodium fern Mark Wilson
Forests and Water Masthead – Stream with ferns Martin Bodman
Forests and water quality Masthead – Stream and river Glenarm forest Albert Bridge
Regulation Masthead – Waterfall at Tourmakeady Trever Miller
Carbon sequestration Masthead – Chimney stacks Pöllö
GOVERNANCE Masthead – Beech mast Albert Bridge
Forest policy Masthead – Wild cherries Frederick Bohringer
Legislation Masthead – Sloes No name
Forest certification Masthead – Hawthron berries Tony Hisgett
Organisations Masthead – Hazel nuts H Zell
RESEARCH AND EDUCATION Masthead – Lab Philip O’Dea
Research Masthead – SE propagules David Thompson
Education and training Masthead – Field day Stephen Meyen
Avondale House Ivan Walsh
Publications Masthead – Irish Forestry Alistair Pfeifer
LINKS Masthead – Yew walk at Clonegal Humphrey Bolton
EVENTS Masthead – Teagasc field day Stephen Meyen