Forestry Focus


Many different tree species are able to grow and flourish in Ireland due to our mild and moist climate. Along with native species, trees from far flung parts of the globe are to be found in our forests, woodlands, parks and gardens.  Several have become naturalised or have proven to be particularly well adapted to Irish conditions and as a result are widely planted in our forests.

Both exotic and  native  trees have their own individual characteristics  whether it be fast growth rate, ability to grow on exposed sites, autumn colour, good wildlife habitat etc.   These different attributes enable us to match species to appropriate sites thus ensuring that the trees survive and grow and fulfill the purposes for which they were planted.

Having a choice of many tree species  also gives us a variety of timbers for different end uses  ranging  from low grade construction material to high quality joinery. The variation in crown shapes, foliage colour and texture adds  diversity to the appearance of the countryside while the ecological benefits of broadleaves  enhances the biodiversity within our forests.

Information on the trees  growing in our forests and woodlands, their origins, characteristics, timber properties etc. can be found in the following pages and associated links.